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Did you know that most teachers spend $500-$1000 per school year out of their own pocket on supplies for their classroom?

Community Classrooms 618 is an effort to come together and purchase items big/small, one/many off of Amazon wishlists for our teachers.

The items are shipped to a location picked by the teacher. The buyer can choose to remain anonymous or their name can be listed on the gift receipt.


Many of you may ask... who is this person and where did this idea come from?

My name is Valerie Miller. I am a 2006 MCHS graduate and work as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Wabash General Hospital.  Each year I donate to Parkview Christian Church’s Caring Closet. Two years ago God laid it on my heart to do a bit more.   A college friend’s sister had posted a thank you for people who purchased from her list as she moved into a new school room. I thought to myself that maybe a teacher or two from Mt. Carmel had a list and threw out a Facebook post. A lot of prayer and long days/nights has led to Community Classrooms 618. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this blessing that God laid upon me.

Community Classrooms 618 is in no way associated with #clearthelist campaign, helpateacher or adoptaclassroom.

I do not receive any form of commission from Amazon or distributors.  

Teachers - donations - charity


Thank you to the financial donors that made this website possible.

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